Pesto, Cream and Prosciutto Pasta

It’s one of these days that my inspiration comes from what is in my fridge and my really rumbling tummy, so todays recipe is a super quick and easy recipe (no surprise there). It takes no time to make (so perfect when your neighbours can hear your tummy grumble loudly!) and definitely no time to eat…. I like the cream that softens the strong basil flavour and balances it with the crisp and saltiness of the parmaham. And pasta…… I just quite like pasta 😁

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You only need a few things for this recipe; each per person

  • Portion of pasta
  • Tablespoon of pesto
  • 40-50ml cream
  • 4-5 slices of parmaham
  • Pepper to season, to taste


Boil the pasta in salted water until just under al dente. This is as we will be heating up the pasta in the sauce when ready, which will finish the cooking process of the pasta right up to the desired ‘soft to the bite’. Drain when ready.

Cut the prosciutto slice roughly into 8-9 pieces and set aside. And this is our prep done so now we can start cooking.😁 (Told you, quick and easy)

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Take a saucepan and heat this on a high heat. Add the Parma ham and bake till crispy. The heat will intensify the delicate flavour of the prosciutto, until it is stronger. This is why I wouldn’t add on any salt for seasoning, but that depends on your personal taste of course!

Now poor in your cream and mix in the pesto too. Stir  together and add pepper. Leave to cook for a few minutes while softly stirring.

Add the pasta and mix gently until the sauce coats the pasta entirely and properly. Leave just until the pasta is al dente and warmed through. Serve in a pretty bowl and enjoy!

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