3 Ingredient Coconut Milk Strawberry Ice Cream

With the temperatures already at 27 degrees celsius here in Malta, I’m starting to feel like ice cream… and a lot of it!  Inspired by Detoxinista, I tried my hand today on a batch of Coconut Milk Strawberry ice cream.

This ice cream is incredibly easy and quick to make, I think it took me a good 20 minutes and, best of all, I did not even need an ice cream maker to make this!

This ice cream uses just a few ingredients, but rather than going for a chocolate version, I tried to use the base of the recipe and made a strawberry fresh fruity version.  The base of the recipe is coconut milk, and the 2 others are vanilla extract and strawberries.  The sweetness we (read: I ) like so much in ice cream is here delivered by the natural sugars in the strawberries and in the coconut milk.  Ergo, if your strawberries are really sweet naturally, there is no need for any added sugar  (or guilty feeling after eating it 🙂 (yay!)

Ready to try our hand on this delicious dairy free version?


  • 250ml full fat coconut milk
  • 1.5 cups of frozen strawberries (keep 3 or 4 strawberries aside)
  • a few drops of vanilla extract


Seeing I currently do not have any of these heavy duty, tough food processors, I opted to let the strawberries thaw out a bit, so my little processor wouldn’t make any funny whizzing high pitched noises.

The only thing you need to do, is add your three ingredients together and blend until you have a smooth creamy consistency.  At this point I would taste and see if you want either more strawberry or coconut milk in the mix.  Adjust to taste and when happy, poor the mix into a container that can be used in a freezer.

Cut the strawberries you set aside, in small pieces and mix into the mass. Cover with a lid and leave in the freezer until firm. This can take several hours, but I left mine overnight to make sure it is properly firm and ready to serve.

Detoxinista advises to leave your ice cream 15-20 minutes out to thaw if it gets really firm in the freezer, before serving.

Let me know if you’ve tried this!  (and now I really feel like ice cream…)

Update: i couldn’t wait to try it so I just cut pieces off it… 🙂  (forgive me? pretty please?)


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