Leek Gratin with Coconut Milk

I’m really becoming a big fan of Coconut Milk and have used this in several recipes already: there was the coconut creamed spinach and the potato gratin with coconut milk, and this one is the third recipe in line.  (but definitely not the last one to come!)

Ingredients (per person):

  • 1 Portion of Leeks, greens and white, mixed together
  • a Handful of spring onion (or regular onion, if you prefer)
  • 50 – 75 ml of Coconut Milk
  • a Handful of grated cheese, for the topping
  • pepper & salt, Parsley and Chives, to season
  • a Knob of butter


First start to pre-heat your oven on hot air to 180 degrees. This will get both your kitchen and yourself nicely warm, so cooking becomes a nicer and cosy event.

Take a medium size sauce pan and put this on a medium – high heat.  Melt the knob of butter, and slow cook the Leeks and spring onion (or normal onion) till these start to soften. This will reduce the cooking time in the oven and will ensure that your leek gratin will be ready sooner.

Once the veggies are starting to soften, take these off the heat and poor them from the pan into the ramekin.  In the hot pan, add your coconut milk and season with pepper, salt, parsley and chives and stir will.  Letting the coconut milk take up the heat from the pan, will also reduce the overall cooking time.

Leeks & Coconut Milk 2.jpg

Once warmed up, poor the coconut milk over the leek mixture in the ramekin and make sure you just cover the leeks. Please leave about 1 to 1,5cm free from the top of the ramekin so we prevent the mixture from boiling over.  Add your cheese on top. Place this in your hot oven for approx 15 – 20 minutes till soft.  Serve your side dish hot, and enjoy the lovely, delicate creamy taste of leeks and coconut milk.

Leek & Coconut Milk 3.jpg

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