Puff Pastry pie with Tomato, peppers and aubergine Sticky post

Puff Pastry Veggie Pie

I recently found this recipe for “plaattaart” on ChicksLoveFood, and really wanted to try it out.  I love veggies and this variant with grilled vegetables and Pesto just looked both easy and amazing. This tasty vegetable puff pastry pie is easy to make, and only uses 5 ingredients or less.  It’s quick too, so perfect for when you are really hungry and need something for … Continue reading Puff Pastry Veggie Pie

Cranberry & Pistachio No Bake Energy Balls

These cranberry and pistachio energy balls are my second venture into making my own energy bites, which I sometimes like as a healthy snack. Best part, these are also no bake, which means no oven. Which is super welcome now in summer, where it is just hot, hot and hot in the med!  This recipe has 2 parts where you first make the date mixture … Continue reading Cranberry & Pistachio No Bake Energy Balls