Sea, Photos & Sand

There is nothing that I like shooting more than the sea –  the different moods from calm and flat to meter high waves crashing into the shore like it is trying to break the breakwater instead of the other way around.

The sea kind of reminds me of holidays, when I was younger.  Irrelevant of the lenght of the stay, a day trip or a two week stay, it was always an adventure to go the the seaside.

Having grown up in Belgium, I grew up with the North Sea, and living in Malta, I`m used to the azure blue-green-turquoise of the Mediterranean. Thus being asked what sea I prefer – the med or the north sea – I wasn’t sure how to answer that really.

I think the answer is simply that I cannot chose and that I cannot prefer one over the other.  They are both seasonal, temperamental and beautiful  in their own way.  One has tides, one has not.  One has rocky beaches, the other one has sandy beaches to build sandcastles on.  One is grey-green-brown and the other one turquoise.

but one thing is sure – I love them both.



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