Ten Minute Headboard Make Over

The inspiration for this DIY came from one of my Pinterest boards (No surprise there!).  This 10 Minute head board make over literally takes you 10 minutes and must be one of the easiest changes at home I’ve ever done 🙂

You need:

  • 2-3 strings of LED Fairy Lights
  • Batteries for the LED lights, if battery operated
  • Clear Scotch Tape
  • Paper or Masking Tape
  • a Pair of Scissors

Take your fairy lights out of their box and put in the batteries according to instructions.

Cut off a few pieces of approx.2 -3 cm of clear scotch tape and use 1 to tape the end of the light string to the head board so it remains stuck.  By using clear tape, it will hardly be visible on the headboard when the lights are on, let alone by day light. Wrap the lights string further down on the head board, as you like it.  Use the pieces of clear tape to keep the string and the lights where you’d like them to stay put, nice dividing them over the length of the headboard.

When you reach the end of the string, make sure you have enough (bare) string left, to be able to hide the battery box but still access the switch to turn on the lights.  I hid it at the back of the bed frame, with the switch in reach, but the box out of sight.  Secure the box on the bed frame with a good wide piece of paper tape so it will not easily fall down or pull on the wires.


Repeat with the other string or more strings, as you like, intertwining the LED lights, to have even spacing and lots of light.

My head board now looks like this:


Is there anything else you’ve used fairy lights on?  Get in Touch!

9 thoughts on “Ten Minute Headboard Make Over

    1. Great 🙂 I picked these up in a shop as they’re too cute. also thinking of adding some in the kitchen to hide some wires. Do you have any pictures of your girls’ room? I’d love to see them

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