(Made) Only in Malta

There are a number of items that are only made in Malta and are difficult to find elsewhere or online for sale.  For the most of it’s products, Malta needs to import things from abroad, which is not so surprising seeing Malta is a small archipelago in the Mediterranean.  There is definitely sufficient choice when it comes to shopping in Malta, with a lot of well-known brands for clothes, shoes, make up and more available in stores.  Most brands available in Malta are to be found in Sliema, Valletta and Victoria (Gozo).  Brands that come to mind would be Next, Zara (with a Zara home department), Mango, Desigual, Bata, Nike, Adidas, the Mac store, Inglot, Debenhams, Tommy Hilfiger, Mothercare, Pimkie, Promod and so on. These outlets usually have a good selection of items available on hand in store, but a good tip would be to check online as well as items may be either cheaper or more choice may be available on the web.

Maybe below list will give you something to look out for on your next trip to Malta. I will try to round up a list of Only in Malta items below, and if I know where to buy them, I will try to include the shops or links for you so it’s easier to find.

Hand blown glass – here Mdina Glass, Phoenician Glassblowers, Valletta Glass, Gozo Glass and probably some others that I do not know about that come to mind.  Mdina Glass is based at the Ta’Qali Crafts village in, you guessed it, Ta’Qali, and you can see demonstrations of workers carefully crafting and blowing glass. Not cheap but every piece is unique and they offer a myriad of choice in sizes, colours and shapes that I am sure you don’t want to miss.

Filigree silverware pretty much any jeweller in Malta will have a selection of items of filigree. These ornate pieces of jewellery are made by hand of delicately thin gold or silver wires. It is a speciality of Malta and its quality is second to none. The best ones to look out for are those made bearing the eight-pointed Maltese cross.

Ganutell – The technique itself is said to have been perfected several hundred years ago to please knights of Malta’s and priests’ tastes for adornment. It is a traditional skill passed down over generations and consists basically the creation of intricate flowers using fine wires. It is as interesting to watch as it is to see the finished product. A revival of the skill is underway with the Education Division offered evening courses.

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