Poached Eggs on a Chorizo-Potato Stack

I usually eat omelette once a week, mostly some time during the week or else Sunday morning, but today I felt like doing something different.  Recently having seen a video on how to poach eggs (watch from2.35minutes), I decided to give it a try and turn a humble egg into a goody luxurious treat.

Ingredients (makes 2 stacks)

  • 2 Slices of Brown or Multigrain bread, cut in triangles and toasted
  • 1 Medium Potato, washed, peeled and cut in slices of 0.5 cm thick
  • 1 nob of Butter
  • 2 Slices of Chorizo
  • 1 Egg per stack, cracked in individual tea cups
  • Vinegar
  • Pepper & Salt
  • Cherry tomato, washed and halved (optional)
  • Parsley (garnish)


Start with bringing a pot of water to the boil.  This will be for poaching the eggs.  The diameter of the pot doesn’t matter that much, the height is more important, so we can create a nice swirl in the water.  Add on a splash of vinegar and keep the water at simmer temperature.  The vinegar will be mixed in with the water, so there shouldn’t be any risk of your eggs tasting like it.

Heat up a pan, and melt in the butter at a medium heat. Add on the potato slices and cover with a lid. Turn the potato around every 5 minutes, till soft and golden brown. Take off the heat and keep warm.

Start toasting the bread triangles.  I like them half toasted in this case, so they are easy to cut and still soft enough to catch the yummy runny yolk.  Hence I toasted the bread just for  a minute.

Break each egg to be poached in a separate tea cup.  Use a whisk to create a good even swirl in the simmering water.  The trick is to have a good even movement in the water, like a wind hose (for lack of better comparison).

When you’re ready to poach, toss each egg in, with the flick of your wrist.  That way the movement will wrap the egg yolk in the solidifying egg whites.  When the  white is solid, remove from the water, remove the excess egg white,  place on a kitchen towel (to catch extra water coming off) and season with some pepper and salt.

Now we can start stacking.  On a plate, place one triangle of bread, and on top of this, chorizo.  Put another piece of toast and add on some of the potato slices here.  On top of this, place the poached egg.  Garnish with some cherry tomato and parsley.

Serve immediately and enjoy!

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