Vanilla & Chocolate Marble Waffles

Vanilla & Chocolate Marble Waffles

You know that feeling that you need to bake?  Just have to bake?  I felt like this this weekend, and felt like waffles…  Golden brown baked homemade waffles. But I could not choose between vanilla or chocolate waffles and thus tried them both..  And mixed together.  Result? I ended up baking just a little (ok a lot) more waffles then intended but they were so … Continue reading Vanilla & Chocolate Marble Waffles

Crème Patissière

Creme patissiere is basically a delicious, sweet, creamy vanilla cream which has been thickened with starch. It is a very important component for many desserts, e.g. vanilla or chocolate pudding, the filling for eclairs or profiteroles.  It is also used to fill up millefeuille (puff pastry with crème patissière and jam or fruit) and functions as a basis for many fruit tarts and other pastries. … Continue reading Crème Patissière

Egg Muffins

Since I got myself a new fancy non – stick muffin pan, I have been experimenting with egg muffins. Easy to make, versatile and yummy, and also great for breakfast in the morning Ingredients: 3 medium sized eggs Seasoning Splash of milk Ingredients for the filling: you can add pretty much what you want to these muffins. Nice combinations are potato, tomato and gruyère cheese, … Continue reading Egg Muffins