Potato pizza

Summer is slowly on coming down to our islands as well and opinions are divided on what type of summer it will be. Some say that it will be another hot as hell, others say it will be changing weather mostly with lots of wind. Either way, opinions are always divided in Malta, and on anything.what does that have to do with my latest cooking? Well, not much really apart from me looking forward to summer, whatever the number of heatwaves this year will bring. We’ve had a long, cold, humid winter with lots of wind and it’s time the sun comes through to chase the clouds away. Brightening my mood, is also Italian food, more specifically focaccia and potato pizza. Super easy to make and with potatoes, what’s a girl to want more?



  • Store bought pastry ( for those who don’t know how to make it or are too lazy – I qualify for both btw)
  • 2 medium size red potatoes
  • 3 small size white potatoes
  • Pepper, seasalt, rosemary
  • Olive oil


Defrost the pastry and carefully roll this out on baking paper. Preheat your oven to 180°C fan or 210°C normal.

Wash your potatoes so they are clean. I would not peel them, for the colour and I don’t mind the peel, but if you do, feel free. Thinly slice the potatoes, as thin as you can. Rinse them and dry them thoroughly.

Sprinkle a bit of olive oil and pepper and salt on the pastry. Place a mix of potato sliceson here. I would keep the small ones for the top, because these will curl whilst cooking. After the first layer of potato, add more oil, peppers salt. Repeat with a second layer and season well. Once the last layer is on, also season with herbs at taste, I used rosemary last time but have used herbes provençales or Tarragon before.


Cook for a good 25 minutes and serve whilst hot.


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