Toast with Ricotta and Smoked Salmon

As the sun unmercifully keeps beating down in the mediterranean this summer, my desire to stand over a hot stove has almost entirely dried up.  In exchange (a girl has to eat no?!), I’ve turned to a variety of snacks, sandwiches and salads from a well stocked fridge to keep hunger away.   Today’s recipe is a simple, easy one, that doesn’t take any time at all to make, but will definitely get rid of the hunger in your tummy!


  • 2 slices of fresh bread, I used multi-grain bread
  • 4 slices of smoked salmon
  • 50 – 75 grammes of fresh ricotta
  • pepper, salt and dill (fresh or dried)
  • some olive oil (optional)


First toast your bread to preference, some will like it well toasted and crispy dark brown, others will like it a little lighter and softer.

Spread the ricotta over the bread with a knife, so you have a nice thick creamy layer on each slice.  Sprinkle over some olive oil if preferred

Divide the slices of smoked salmon over the bread, and season with dill, pepper and salt

Serve and enjoy!

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