Salmon “En Papillote” with Green Beans and Potato

Tonight I cooked a quick and easy delicious recipe, perfect for a healthy dinner!


  • portion of salmon per person
  • portion of green beans
  • two uncooked potatoes
  • pepper & salt to season
  • baking paper
  • garlic & herb or normal butter
  • some olive or coconut oil


I would start with pre-heating your oven to 180 degrees celsius.  This will give you the time to prepare your ingredients.

Peel and wash your potatoes, and cut into slices of approx 2-3m thickness.  Rinse your green beans and set aside.  Take a sheet of baking paper of approx 40cm long and fold in half.  On one side place your sliced potato as if making a bed of potato. Sprinkle some of the olive or coconut oil over your potato.  Then place your green beans on top of this and season well with pepper and salt.  On top of this add your salmon and season again.  Add on top of this some small pieces of garlic & herb butter.

Salmon en papillotte 1.jpg

Then fold your baking paper in two and cinch the paper together by folding it over itself along the edges By wrapping the paper edges together, you form a type of pouch that will seal all the delicous juices and flavour of your dinner in the pouch.

Cook for approx. 30minutes on 180 degrees, open up the papillote, serve and enjoy!

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