Layered Strawberry Cups

I love strawberries. The smell of fresh strawberries softly drifting over from the fruit shop next to work, gets me every time. The beautiful red colour, the round shapes promising nothing but juiciness, sweetness and sounding the arrival of summer or spring as is the case here in the Med…. Too bad our strawberry season will be over already by half to end of June, … Continue reading Layered Strawberry Cups

Easy homemade Granola

Granola is said to have a number of health benefits, it may help lower cholesterol for example, is high in fiber, provides beneficial fats, vitamins and minerals, and above all it is very yummy! ¬†Unfortunately the granola that can be store-bought contains a lot of added sugar, artificial flavours and preservatives. ¬† ¬†One of the brands I used to buy, contains up to 12 grams … Continue reading Easy homemade Granola