My Favourite Essential Oils

As mentioned in a previous article, I quite often use essential oils around the house.  Here, I’d like to list some of my favourite ones, and what I use them for


Lavender – calming, relaxing, healing cuts or burns,  helps with bruises, eczema and other skin conditions, great for insect bites. reduces itchiness, said to be anti-bacterial, number one choice for first aid kits


Lime,  Lemon, Bergamot, Sweet Orange – antiviral, great for cleaning home, cleansing to environments (room spray), uplifting, energising (caution: photosensitive oil – wait min. 3 hours before going out in the sun!)


Spearmint or Peppermint – relieves nausea, good for steaming open blocked noses, relieves/reduces migraines or headaches, energising, excellent for tired feet, contains menthol which helps clear, deep breathing


Eucalyptus – when added to a bowl of steaming water eucalyptus will help open up blocked noses and aid with sinuses,  useful for flu and colds, diluted with a carrier oil can be used as a chest rub, powerful antiseptic.

tea tree

Tea Tree – use diluted as a skin cleaner, anti-bacterial, against dandruff or itchy scalp, great for homemade cleaning recipes


I usually buy these from Holland & Barrett, either online or at the Sliema or St Julian’s Shops.  Prices are reasonable, starting at about 3-4€ per bottle of 10ml, and vary per oil or larger size (20ml is also available for some oils).  Holland & Barrett also stock carrier oils to dilute the essential oils before use on skin.



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