Gardens I`d like to visit

Referring to my other post, My 10 Favourite Gardens in Malta, there are also 3 gardens which I have not visited yet, but that are definitely on the list:

First is the Msida Bastion Historic Garden. This is in fact not just a garden, but also the first Protestant Cemetery in Malta.  It is part of Din l-Art Helwa, which is Malta’s National Trust.  The garden is right across from the Grand Excelsior Hotel in Valletta, but seems to be a bit tricky to find, due to lack of proper sign posting.  I’ll let you know how my adventure turns out!

Second garden is the Chinese Garden of Serenity in Sta. Lucia. It was opened in 1997 only and is thus a fairly recent addition.  I came across this via TripAdvisor, else I wouldn’t have known about it.  It is said to symbolise the path of life, from birth to death, and from the photos i can find, sports a large pond (with ducks of course), bamboo and other oriental shrubs. Definitely sounds worth a visit.

Last but not least, I’d also like to visit the gardens of Villa Bologna, in Mdina/Rabat area.  Although privately owned, you can visit these gardens and the Villa itself, on the estate. The gardens are said to be split in two gardens; an old Baroque garden dating back to the building time of the Villa (18th Century), and a newer part cultivated by Lady Strickland in the 1920s.

What’s your experience with the Gardens of Malta? Have you discovered one that is not on my list yet? Let me know!

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